Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why Do Cats Eat Plants?

Cats have a tendancy to nibble on indoor plants as a substitute for eating grass.

Eating grass is a perfectly natural behavior for a cat. Eating grass is nature's way of inducing vomiting.

One of the reasons why cats need to regurgiate (vomit) is to help rid their digestive system of hairballs that accumulate from grooming. They instinctively seek out blades of grass to help them cough up fur balls. (Cats will resort to house plants if they don't have access to grass.)

Since they'll eat almost anything green when they need help to cough up a furball, it's important that they don't chew on houseplants because some are toxic and even poisonous.

You can make sure that your cat is safe from poisonous plants by buying special grasses sold for cats.

CityCats.biz sells organic wheat and barley seeds so that you can grow your own kitty grass. It's simple and easy to have tender blades of grass available to your precious kitty all year round. Anyone can grow it and your Kitty will love you for it. You can use any container to grow it in, including a cute coffee cup.

Visit the following link for more information: Kitty Grass Seeds


  1. I believe cats also eat plants in order to rid itself of worms and other parasites that it feels it has.

  2. My cats loves to pick at and chew on my plants all the time. I stopped buying them and gave the ones I had away. In fear of her getting sick. I got her the pet cat grass and she would not even touch it. She wants nothing to do with it. What else can I offer her?